Brothel Name Generator

Generate tantalizing brothel names that your players will love.

If your RPG or fantasy story is more on the adult side, there's a fair chance there's a brothel involved. What red-blooded warrior doesn't seek a bit of companionship once he's loaded with loot from his adventures? Is there a young beauty with her eye on more than his purse? Whatever the case may be, to create the most immersive environment possible, you need a name for brothels and other such establishments that blend seamlessly into your fantasy world.

With that in mind, here is a brothel name generator that randomly creates brothel names, ideal for your next role-playing game or fantasy campaign.

One important point: although it's random, it's still all hand-crafted. That is, there's no random list of words here culled from a dictionary or - worse - one of those massive word lists online that all too often results in nonsense. Our writers have sat down and come up with a grammatical list of proper fantasy words that, with just a click or two, will give you the inspiration you need for your fantasy-setting brothel.

Of course, much like fantasy setting boudoirs themselves, these names aren't explicit. They still have to leave a little to the imagination, after all. But with these creative names and your world-building ability, the roving adventurer will be left in no doubt about what awaits him behind the velvet curtain - in exchange for a bit of coin, of course. So, give it a shot and use our fantasy name generator to enhance your fantasy world.