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Welcome to the fantastic podcast name generator. On our website, you can generate over 400 different types of podcast names.

Start either by entering your name or by choosing the topic of your podcast, e.g., SEO, marketing, programming, mindfulness, or whatever it is you are publishing about.

What is a podcast name generator?

We analyzed popular podcast names and taught our algorithm to create similar ones based on your input. It's not AI, blockchain, or NFT based, and we try hard to not produce those cringy names like others do.

How do I choose a good podcast name?

Consider the following points before choosing a podcast name.

  1. Easy to remember.
  2. Related to your niche, aka the topics you talk about.
  3. Should be unique.
  4. Should be short.
  5. Avoid brand names and trademark

Why is a good podcast name important?

Listeners love to remember podcasts either by the host's name or part of the podcast name. Therefore, the shorter your podcast name is, the more likely they can remember it.

Imagine your podcast is Mindfulness Minutes with Berry on a Boat in London in July. Unfortunately, it's too long to remember, though listeners will catch Mindfulness Minutes or Berry's Podcast.

Both are catchy but also pretty generic as there might be more than one Berry or already a Mindfulness Minutes podcast out there.

Berry's Mindfulness Minutes or Mindfulness Minutes with Berry are two names that could solve it.

Should you use your real name for a podcast?

It depends on the goals you want to achieve with your podcast.

If you want to become an expert in your niche or are looking for business opportunities, using your real name or the name of your service is preferable. People will find you and your podcast more easily. And they realize it's the same person.

But you can also use pen or fake names if you don't want to become an expert or don't want to have the podcast connected to you; for whatever reason. So simply pick a pseudonym you like and get started.

Can you change your podcast name?

It's yours, of course, you can change your name later. But there's also a drawback. People might miss it as they didn't get renaming and now don't find your podcast again or don't realize it's you.

So, don't change your podcast name every other week and put some thoughts into the renaming if you want to keep your audience.